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My Story 

My 20+ year career in content, marketing, and communication began with traditional methods like analog video editing and print advertising. 


Over time, I evolved with the trends, technologies and strategies, but one key to success never changed - the focus on the consumer.

Companies, Consumers and Choices

I adapted my marketing knowledge and skills throughout the years, but not every company I worked for followed suit. Some held on to traditional approaches, leading to layoffs and constant department reshuffling. On the other hand, I also witnessed success with current, consumer-focused strategies that helped companies thrive and exceed goals. Understanding consumers is the ultimate key to marketing success today.

After realizing the challenges in identifying which companies cared about modern and consumer-focused marketing strategies, I launched this content initiative and business.


I aim to help new marketing generations surpass typical knowledge thresholds and assist marketing veterans in adopting modern content strategies for a competitive edge in a chaotic digital world.


Sharing knowledge and learning with others has always been my passion, and this venture allows me to do that for you and your business.

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Other Passions

I've been married to my wife Jenn for 18 years, and we share a lot of the same interests, including:

Sports (Cowboys, Rangers, Suns)
Music (The Smashing Pumpkins)
Pop Culture (Star Wars, Marvel, DC)

Games (World of Warcraft)

And we're both in marketing.

Our Dogs

We're also dog people - they are our kids. 

We have a pomapoo named Kenobi and a corgi named Jaina. As you can see, she loves to swim.

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