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What happens when a globally-recognized keynote speaker, marketing strategy consultant, college educator, futurist and author assembles 35 of his smartest marketing friends from around the world to share their best marketing ideas in ONE book? 

Something AMAZING!

Amazing Marketing Book Cover.jpg
Amazing Marketing Book Cover.jpg

What Makes It So "Amazing"


Featured Experts

Led by futurist Mark Schaefer and 35 of his smartest marketing friends


Combined Years

That's over seven centuries of expert experience form all over the world


Impactful Insights

This includes marketing strategy, insider tips, emerging trends, practical advice and more

Gain Insights From Traditional Marketing, Digital Strategy, the Metaverse & Beyond...

Scott Murray author photo.jpg

I Wrote Chapter Four
on Consumer Behavior 

I wrote this chapter to demonstrate how consumers are changing the trends, strategies and rules in marketing.  The best way to develop messaging and content that resonates with them, it helps to learn more about their behaviors in our new marketing era. 

Mark Schaefer
Marketing Strategist, Best Selling Author of Nine Marketing Books

Mark S 2.jpg

“I challenged my community friends to create insights, not just re-hash information you can find in a blog post somewhere. They delivered. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a small business owner trying to establish your first marketing strategy, get out your highlight marker!“


Coming June 2023

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