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Promoting the CEO

A CEO of a startup SaaS online training company wanted to promote his presentation at the Innotech Conference in Dallas. He wanted a creative video that could promote him and the topic in an entertaining way.

The Concept

Office Space 1.JPG

I'm always finding ways to tie pop culture references into things, and with a conference called INNOTECH, it was clear Office Space had to be part of the concept.

I wrote a script and produced a video where a Lumburgh-like character (from Innotech) said attendees needed to hear his speech. So, if he could send the written version over to him in the next 10 minutes - it would be greaaaat.

The Results

The video started to generate some buzz, and the conference shared the video on their social media platforms. 

Being a tech conference, it was easy to assume most attendees and Innotech organizers had seen Office Space.


We went on to make a Part 2, where the Lumburgh character leaves multiple messages on the CEO's voicemail about the speech.

Office Space 6.JPG

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