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Developing Company-Specific Content
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Communication Crafting

Optimizing messaging and communication can solve several digital marketing challenges for businesses, marketers and content creators.

Let's build communications that humanize your brand and create meaningful connections with your most important audiences.

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My focus on people starts with my relationship with you

The emphasis on communication that builds trust and connection between people extends beyond expertise. It is a frame of mind that extends to our work to improve your business.

How to Build "Brand Humanity"

According to Dipanjan Chatterjee at Forrester Research

is using natural communication



comes from sparking emotions in customers


is being perceived as being personal or considerate

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Communication Crafting:
For Marketers

Small to medium-sized businesses can build a messaging foundation that differentiates them in their industry and resonates with their consumers.

Another popular option is a messaging upgrade that evolves messaging to improve marketing and business results.

Communication Crafting:
For Non-Profits

From public radio stations (on-air fundraising) to non-profit organizations, constructing resonating messages is vital.

At a time when consumers are very selective about where they spend and donate money, communications have to spark emotions and remove doubts.

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Communication Crafting:
Podcast & Video

One of the most impactful ways to humanize a brand is by creating videos and podcasts. However, companies may turn to people who have never hosted a podcast or recorded a video.

I've coached executives, first-timers, actors and on-air talent over the last ten years. I'll help you develop an on-air presence that  connects with audiences and stands out in a crowded content space.

Schedule a one-hour meeting


Sparketing Session

An hour with me to jumpstart a better connection with your audience. We can brainstorm, change some messaging or talk new ideas. Sometimes that's all it takes!

He took the general, value prop heavy copy I created and made it compelling, informative, and relatable.  No wonder he does this for a living.  😊

Shelby R.

Marketing Manager


What is Humanized Social Media?

Find out how I worked with two organizations to evolve their social media communication and improve results.

Crafting Effective Communication Fuels Modern Marketing Strategies

The traditional definition of marketing focuses on two things that annoy consumers -  selling and promoting. Trends show that consumers respond when companies prove they understand and know how to communicate with them.

64% of consumers prefer to make a purchase from a company that knows them, & 34% would spend more money on that product.


Dynata - Feb. 2022

57% of consumers will increase their spending with that brand they feel connected to, and 76% will buy from them instead of a competitor.

Sprout Social - Feb. 2020

Customers are largely driven by emotions, even for on-the-spot purchases, and 62% of them say they made an "impulse" buy in the last six months.

YouGov - April 2022

68% of consumers follow brands on social media to form social connections, stay in touch and participate in two-way communications.

Orbit Media- April 2022

58% of consumers think brands provide poor and irrelevant content, and 61% want interesting and entertaining content or useful experiences that differ from the usual services.

Havas Group - Feb. 2019

67% want variety from brands instead of repetitive and similar ads, creative assets and social posts. 56% say creative assets from brands don't align with their interests or likes.

Celtra -  2020

Please Know - Your Options Aren't Limited

Maybe you have more questions.  Maybe you don't need everything you see here. Maybe you just want to discuss what's possible.

If it helps you more to have a conversation before making a decision, I'm more than happy to do that.

We can have a pressure-free meeting and just talk about your audience, content and challenges. 

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