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Social Media

Many companies make the mistake of treating their social media pages as one-way communication channels, where they only post promotional content. Here are examples of brands that redefined their social media presence.

Promoting the

A small university created a series of videos featuring MBA students who shared testimonials about their education experience. They needed to evolve old copy into humanized communication to increase engagement.

Examples demonstrating original copy ideas

Gain valuable insight, and understanding of business foundations, challenges, skills, and experience!


Earn your MBA from anywhere with our 100% online MBA degrees!

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Examples demonstrating changes

An Online MBA is not just about a business degree. Just ask Ann. She is a wife, mother and full-time worker who got a lot out of her MBA journey, including the opportunity to:

· Impact communities

· Make connections

· Discover new passions

· Refine her values


Find out why she says, “The online MBA just makes sense.”

Improved department collaboration and breaking internal silos are essential in business today.


Raul is an IT professional that’s making that happen thanks to an online MBA. He’s able to apply what he learned now and into the future – when he starts his own business.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." – Nelson Mandela

When Brent sought out his MBA, he knew it would change his world and his career. However, he also found out that so many other people (in any business) could experience the same impact.

If the benefits of an Online MBA were physical objects, they’d really weigh down your suitcase.


However, Brian shares how he took his courses everywhere, including airport terminals and foreign hotels.

From Sounding Corporate to
Generating Contrast, Curiosity & Connection

In this case, helping them develop examples of what "change" looked like was all that was needed. They had a whole new way of writing evolved copy.

"Scott took the general, value prop heavy (social media) copy I created and made it compelling, informative, and relatable.  It grabs the viewer’s attention while summarizing the video in just a sentence or two. No wonder he does this for a living."

Shelby R.

Marketing Manager

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Tech Talk

A tech company was limited in their ability to connect with their target audience and increase the "right" followers.

Humanizing and Diversifying Content Improved Results

Their social media consisted of a lot of promotional posts copy written using similar language in their complex and high-tech content.

Humanizing it meant re-working the copy so that it communicated to users in digestible and engaging ways.

The results included 21% growth, 37% higher engagement, and improved growth in relevant followers.

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"I'm such a fan of Scott Murray.  He tackles technical subject matter head on and turns it into brilliant, easy-to-digest stories and copy, while still capturing the technical elements that resonate with a deeply knowledgeable audience."

Kathleen Atkins
Vice President, Marketing

Humanizing your social media communication is what makes you stand out you today.  Let's evolve your content next!

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