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Build an Instant 

Messaging Foundation is ideal for new businesses or new marketing initiatives, this is about building a foundation rooted in differentiation, opportunity and connection with your audience.

What's in a Messaging Foundation?

If your competitors create content, consumers will likely see a lot of repetition and one-dimensional messages. Let's analyze the weaknesses in their content, identify gaps in your industry and create opportunities for you to stand out in ways that connect, resonate and build trust in your audience.
Note: (Messaging Foundation Can Be Achieved In-Person or Virtually)

 A full Messaging Foundation Session is $1995

  1. To book or customize a Messaging Foundation Session, just fill out the simple form below. 

  2. I'll reach out to work out scheduling and details, plus answer any questions.

I'm looking forward to meeting you!

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I'm here to help, so let me know what you need.

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"Scott is such a great resource for any business that needs a smart and clear marketing strategy. He is super knowledgeable about all things content marketing, but really shines when it comes to developing content that builds a following. Highly recommend!"

Clint M., Director of Marketing

How to Build "Brand Humanity"

According to Dipanjan Chatterjee at Forrester Research

is using natural communication



comes form sparking emotions in customers


is being perceived as being personal or considerate

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