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Developing Company-Specific Content
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Let's Make Plans to Build Stronger
Connections with Your Audience.

Evolve your marketing strategies to influence, inspire and benefit consumers through messaging and content that aligns with their behaviors and demands. 

Old Marketing Strategies Fail to Spark Positive Responses

The definition of marketing is centered around two things that annoy consumers -  selling and promoting. Trends show that consumers respond when companies prove they understand them and know how to communicate with them.

64% of consumers prefer to make a purchase from a company that knows them, & 34% would spend more money on that product.


Dynata - Feb. 2022

57% of consumers will increase their spending with that brand they feel connected to, and 76% will buy from them instead of a competitor.

Sprout Social - Feb. 2020

Customers are largely driven by emotions, even for on-the-spot purchases, and 62% of them say they made an "impulse" buy in the last six months.

YouGov - April 2022

68% of consumers follow brands on social media to form social connections, stay in touch and participate in two-way communications.

Orbit Media- April 2022

58% of consumers think brands provide poor and irrelevant content, and 61% want interesting and entertaining content or useful experiences that differ from the usual services.

Havas Group - Feb. 2019

67% want variety from brands instead of repetitive and similar ads, creative assets and social posts. 56% say creative assets from brands don't align with their interests or likes.

Celtra -  2020

Evolve into a Sparketing Department

In today's content-saturated environment, you need more than a marketing strategy - you need a communication process to spark responses that turn consumers into followers, customers and advocates. This process should be built on:

Consumer Behavior

Consumer Insight

Behaviors and trends that shape communications with consumers, customers and audiences

Content Messaging

Messaging Design

Elements like tone, articulation and word choice that resonate with your audience

Content Strategy

Content Intelligence

Considerations about everything from budget and resources to the right media and delivery of content

Connecting brands with consumers

Marketers need to create connections and two-way communications with customers

“Lately, marketing leaders have been guilty of conflating ‘what we know about our customers’ with truly knowing their customers.


What we know’ gets to all the data and information marketers have been able to gather about their customers. But truly ‘knowing’ the customer requires a connection and establishing two-way channels through which valued information flows.”

Carlos Guerrero, Senior Director, Advisory, in the Gartner Marketing Practice (August 2021)

Let's Plan the Work and
Work the Plan!

Whether you're creating new marketing campaigns, improving existing messaging, expanding your reach, or just want to discuss ideas, we'll craft it all with your business in mind.

Messaging Foundation

Craft meaningful messaging with a foundation of heart, clarity and confidence. This includes a "Get to Know" meeting, competitive analysis,  phased content plan and follow-ups.

Messaging Upgrade

Infuse your content with the differentiation and humanization that consumers want. This includes a "Get to Know" meeting, message transformation, content plan and follow-ups. 

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Schedule a one-hour meeting


Sparketing Session

Sometimes it just takes a spark of inspiration to make an impactful change.  

He took the general, value prop heavy copy I created and made it compelling, informative, and relatable.  No wonder he does this for a living.  😊

Shelby R.

Marketing Manager



What types of businesses have you helped?

All kinds - startup, medium-sized, global, healthcare, non-profit, education, corporate training, SaaS, real estate, tech, etc.


Can you share an example of how you helped a company?

1 - Changed messaging and strategy for a not-for profit resulting in record fundraising results.

2 - Turned complex tech speak into clear and digestible content helped grow a global tech company's following and engagement on social media. 


What makes your approach different from others?

As content saturated the internet and consumers demanded connections over sales pitches, an optimized combination of communication and content has become vital.

My education (two degrees in communication) and 20+ years of experience in marketing bring a specialized concentration in connecting, resonating and building trust with consumers.


If I reach out to you or select a service, what happens next?

I view this as something other than a consultation because there isn't sales pressure involved. Whether you choose to work with me or not, there will be value in the conversation. We'll get to know each other, and I'll learn a lot about you.

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