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Connect with New Audiences

Connect with new members of your audience by expanding your communications and messaging into areas like podcasting and video.

Expanding Your Voice and Influence

Video and podcasting are powerful ways to humanize your brand and reach new audience members. Like other forms of marketing, consumers make quick judgments on the quality of your content.

I will help you connect and build relationships with your audience through video and podcasting​. This includes:
  • Video or podcast scripting
  • On-air talent coaching
  • Content development (format, structure, theming)
Add Communication Coaching That Elevates Your Content
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Harnessing Confidence and Comfort behind the microphone or camera
I've helped newcomers and seasoned professionals communicate and resonate with audiences, including:
  • Veteran radio and TV professionals

  • Executives and other company representatives

  • Government officials

  • Podcast, video, TV, radio newcomers

Making a Meaningful Impression on Guests
Planning on conducting interviews as part of your content? It is critical to make an impression on your guest and your audience. I'll work with you on:

  • Developing your personal style
  • Optimizing an interview 
  • Developing questions that guests and audiences value
  • Pitching your show to potential guests

Whether it's video, podcasting or both, here are the ways we can work together.

Expanding Your Message

Podcasting and video are great ways to humanize your brand and make deeper connections with your audience. They also allow you to reach audiences you might not have otherwise reached. However, creating a strong first impression and a meaningful connection with your audience is more critical than ever.​

I can help you do that with specialized coaching focused on content, communication and audience.
Here are some ways I can help. 
Note: (This Can Be Achieved In-Person or Virtually)

You can book or customize a video or podcasting session simply by filling out the form below. (You can also book coaching by itself.) 

I'm looking forward to meeting you!

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I'm here to help, so let me know what you need.

You can also email me at

Thanks for submitting!

"Scott was a pleasure to work with behind the scenes, and a deft, articulate and extremely well-informed host to speak with on the air."

Daniel M.

Content Marketer/Digital & Social Strategist

From a content, creative and directional point of view, Scott is a true professional and enjoyable to work with. I highly recommend Scott to anyone that is looking to create a new podcast or enhance an existing one. 

Drew B.

Sales Professional/Mortgage Banker

 Scott was easy to get in touch with and he gave me simple and accurate instructions that I could not find on YouTube and online. 
I highly recommend Scott and his service. He is friendly, patient and professional. 

Todd P. 

Sales Professional/Mortgage Banker

Podcast studio.jpg
"Scott Murray is one of the most professional, polished, and informed members of the podcasting world that I have had the pleasure of working with. His organization and planning are top-notch, as is his knowledge of media, both behind-the-scenes, as well as on the microphone and on camera. He would be an asset to any company!"

Dan Z.
Host & Brand Director of Coffee With Kenobi; Educator, Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur

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