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Podcast: How to Explain Modern Content Marketing to the "Content Clueless"

Caveman trying to figure out modern marketing

What comes to mind when you hear the term "modern" marketing? As quickly as things change, modern could represent today's marketing strategies instead of...well, last year. That kind of rapid change can sometimes make it hard for brands to be agile, but what about those still lost in the dark ages of...2010...or earlier?

Today, we will dive into some ideas and questions about "modern marketing." Even if you understand it, how hard will it be to explain it to those still behind in the times?

Let's consider the pop-up. Pop-up ads date back to the web's earliest days but are still deployed today.

Is that a good thing in a day and age when consumers make instant judgments about value, intention and reputation in a matter of seconds? Is it really a good idea to generate something that BLOCKS their engagement?

Does it make it worse to know that the inventor of the pop-up ad has apologized for creating it?

Those clinging to the older marketing ideas of the past might argue for the potential for ROI, lead generation and attention. However, modern marketing (and Sparketing) focuses more on consumer value and mutual benefit.

Sparktoro's Amanda Natividad provides some guidance by demonstrating examples of "classic" marketing against "modern" marketing.

Would you believe it if I told you that SEO fits under "classic" marketing?

Finally, the ability of modern marketers to convince their CMOs, marketing directors and other leaders to evolve into modern marketing has always been a challenge.

However, Jeneanne Ballos (COO of Digital River Media) joins us to help us communicate with who she calls the "content" clueless.

Join me today for those insights, plus an email-stalking song by Ryan Anderson and a modern consumer insight from Brooke Sellas.

Resources from this episode:

LinkedIn page: Jeanenne Ballos

Jeneanne's company: Digital River Media

Brooke Sellas' book: Conversations that Connect

LinkedIn Page: Brooke Sellas

Brooke's company: B Squared Media

LinkedIn Page: Mary Keough


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