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Podcast: Lectures From Email & Lip Syncs From AI Copy

Man lip-syncs as AI controls the performance

Who likes to get lectured? Better yet, who wants to get lectured in their email boxes? Certain styles of email marketing copy can make the consumer feel like you're lecturing them. And what about follow-up emails? There are some words and phrases email marketers should avoid!

Are you familiar with Milli Vanilli?

If you're not, know they were a mega-famous singing duo that lip-synced their performances. When they were caught, it ruined their careers. Now you must ensure ChatGPT and other AI programs are not lip-syncing for your business!

Finally, if there is any industry that needs to tap into behavioral science in marketing, it's non-profit charities. But there are lessons to be learned in the for-profit sectors as well.

Our featured sparketers in today's episode include Mark Schaefer, Frank Prendergast, Jason Ranalli, Stephan Hamilton, Yurii Veremchuk, Charlotte Lloyd, Nancy Harhut, Ed Forteau and Kiran Webster.

Resources from this episode:

Find out more on these topics and more on today's episode of The Sparketing Podcast!

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