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Podcast: Shell Shocking Social Media From the Sewers

A power surge in a sewer

Greetings, night people and sewer ninjas! In today’s episode lair, we attempt to create a Halloween-themed episode loaded with tips and treats for marketers


Ann Gynn from the Content Marketing Institute leads the way with writing tricks that offer audiences better stories.

And from the depths of the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District, we welcome the hero without a half-shell - John Gonzalez. He emerged from the shadows to share his social media success stories.

In a world where video content can seem scary, I share some fear-crushing advice with the help of video marketing hero Atiba de Souza!

But that's not all! AMI conjures up some unique Halloween flare, and we hear bone-chilling marketing horror stories that will leave you spellbound.

So, don your ninja masks, summon your marketing prowess, and join us for an episode that promises to be a shell of a good time!

Ann Gynn on 5 Writing Tricks That Treat Audiences to Better Data-Based Stories

X - NE Ohio Regional Sewer District

LinkedIn - John Gonzalez

Campaign Monitor on Email Marketing Horror Stories

Customer Service Horror Story - United Breaks Guitars

LinkedIn - Atiba de Souza

Atiba's company - Client Attraction Pros

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