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Podcast: The Battle Between AI and Your Company Blog

Is AI coming to destroy your company blog, or has it already done it? Is it possible blogs were dying before the bots got to them? Should we take action or believe this is all a false alarm?

Michael Stelzner (Social Media Examiner) and Marcus Sheridan (They Ask, You Answer) have some thoughts.

Speaking of the demise of old marketing things, is the webinar a dying event? We can probably guess why many people don't get excited about attending one, but can anything be done to improve that?

Greig Wells knows there's a better way, and he's got proof to back it up! He joins us today to talk about how you can schedule a "Virtual Dinner Party" as an impactful warm-up event that takes place before that exciting webinar.

Let's talk about consumer reactions to gated content to keep the dead or alive theme going. When they see something gated, their reaction is likely something like this:

Robert Rose says part of the problem is the "message" gated content sends to the consumer. As Sparketers, we know all about that, right?

Also, today, we'll revisit a heartfelt commentary by Mark Schaefer about community marketing, and Kristin Quiroz Bayona shares tips on how to build connection and community through content - even in the age of AI.

Resources from this Episode:

Michael Stelzner on how blogging is Dying.

Marcus Sheridan reacts to the alarm over AI and blogs

Greig Wells' Virtual Dinner Party

Robert Rose on deciding to gate or not to gate your content

Mark Schaefer's book - Belonging to the Brand

Kristin Quioz Bayona - Podcast & Amplify


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