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This simple and impactful content marketing framework helps your business humanize content in ways that differentiate it from competitors and resonate with modern audiences.

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While creating humanized content, remember you're human too. Reflect on what beliefs or behaviors might be holding your content back and disrupting its ability to connect with your human audiences.


Two-Way Communication

Content used to involve broadcasting to captive audiences. Now, those audiences demand that brands talk WITH them instead of AT them. Content has to evolve to meet those demands.

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If one thing can sink marketing goals, tank sales, reverse momentum and flatten engagement, it is the inability to adapt to change. You have to follow trends and events that impact the lives of your audience.


Meaningful Language

Your audience has seen and heard a lot of repetitive and corporate language for years. While it seems "safe" or "how it's done," you can't stand out or make meaningful connections without evolving your language.

DALL·E 2024-05-30 13.42.19 - An image representing the importance of meaningful language.


Predictive Intelligence

A humanized content strategy must be rooted in behavioral science and consumer trends. Otherwise, your investment in time, money and resources to create content will be wasted.

DALL·E 2024-05-30 13.59.29 - A simple representation of tracking consumer trends and behav

Your content strategy may need some or all of these

It is important to tailor it to your business, consumers, culture and industry. I can help you master it in a way that helps your business stand out and connect with the people in your audience.


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