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Empower Your Content to Make Connections

Today's audiences crave authenticity and human connection with brands, and strategic copywriting is designed to achieve those goals. 


It's about choosing the right words, 

understanding audience behaviors, and crafting messages that resonate on a human level to fulfill the growing demand for empathetic, genuine communication. 

Modernized Content is More Than Words

Creating messages.jpg

As a critical element of content, copywriting is more powerful than ever today.

It's so powerful, you audience could simply glance at it or just read a few words and react in seconds. Additionally, it can:​

  • Generate an instant first impression

  • Lower skepticism or amplify it

  • Break their social media scrolling gaze or blend in

  • Generate positive or negative emotion

  • Feel different or the same as everything else


That's why the copy in your blog, social posts, media or website have to be more than just words - and it has to "sound" human.

Strategic Conent Involves the Heart and Mind

Brands have struggled to figure out how to adapt to demands for humanized, authentic or empathetic marketing.


That's why so much copy looks the same.

Strategic copy is developed with behavioral trends, competitive analysis, communication principles and creativity to help brands connect with modern audiences. 

Improved Humanization = Improved Results

Brad Lengel - Content Strategist.png

"Scott delivered a transformational effort to turn rather anemic metrics into a steady increase of engagement and activity. By introducing and leading a new humanized communications to the mix, Scott presented leadership a tangible path toward better results."

Brad Lengel 
Content Strategist

All Copy Can Be Humanized

Create Connective Content or Improve Connection in Game-Changing Ways

Shelby R.png

Making Our Social Media Sound Human

"Scott took the general, value prop heavy (social media) copy I created and made it compelling, informative, and relatable. No wonder he does this for a living."

Shelby Roehre
Marketing Manager

Examples of Industries That Benefit 
From Communication-Focused Content

An Impactful Shift in Our Educational Content

Bohao Z.png

"Scott Murray's content strategy shifted our focus from simply optimizing for search engines to creating content that truly speaks to our target demographic. His collaborative and resourceful nature helped us resonate with our audience on a whole new level, translating web traffic into lead generation and revenue growth."

Bohao Zhao
Senior Manager, Demand Generation

The STAMP Framework

Using some of the most critical elements of effective communication, The STAMP Framework provides us a roadmap for creating content that truly connects and resonates.



Ensuring your content reflects your brand's authentic voice


Meaningful Language

Using words that resonate and inspire action


Two-Way Communication

Encouraging dialogue, not monologue


Predictive Intelligence

Getting into the hearts and minds of your audience



Staying agile and flexible as content trends continue to evolve

Learn more about the STAMP framework on this page

Featured Results from
Communication-Focused Content


Revamped messaging and coached on-air talent, resulting in record-breaking fundraising and improved listener engagement


 Simplified, people-focused content drove 21% relevant follower growth and 37% increase in engagement on LinkedIn


60% budget reduction achieved through revised blog strategy that prioritized authentic, engaging writing


Translated doctor expertise into relatable video and podcast content, expanding audience reach

Tech Content That Resonates with People

KA testimonial

I'm such a fan of Scott Murray.  He tackles technical subject matter head on and turns it into brilliant, easy-to-digest stories and copy, while still capturing the technical elements that resonate with a deeply knowledgeable audience."

Kathleen Atkins
VP, Marketing at SuccessKPI

Let's talk!

In the spirit of breaking out of the expected, let's have a conversation (not a "consultation") about your needs.

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