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Communication is Everywhere, but the Messages Have to Resonate

Despite how much has changed, you still have something valuable to offer -  
you just have to communicate it differently.


Here's how I know that:

During my 20 years as a content producer, copywriter and marketing manager, there were two constants in my work:

  1. Content strategy was always evolving, and companies had to adapt.

  2. Communication was the most vital component for success. 

Whether it was print or email, social media or blogs, podcasts or videos - it all involved the critical elements of the communication process:

  1. The Source (Type of content)

  2. The Message (Choice of words)

  3. The Recipient (Consumer)

  4. The Response (Engage or ignore)

As consumers took control away from marketers, they demanded change. Specifically, they want communications that are built on:

Two Humans speak.png

Two-way communications

Generate interest

Genuine interest

Show empathy

Proven empathy

Earn consumer trust

Earned trust

Marketing strategies and content goals become stagnant without the right words and messages. Humanized communication fuels success in today's marketing era.  

The reasons why companies struggle to connect with consumers

  • Modern consumers have more control 

  • Older message strategies don't resonate

  • Repetitive content saturates the internet

  • Consumer attitudes are skeptical and cynical

  • Typical content lacks humanized components

Separate ways.png

Crafting the Solutions

These three core areas empower you to solve these challenges by focusing on the critical components of communication.

What the consumer is thinking

Consumer Insight

Crafting the right message

Messaging Design
(The Message)

Choosing the right content

Content Intelligence

We'll use these components to construct and connect with audiences in the meaningful ways they demand today.

This Can Be 
Infused into 
All Forms of Content

Written Word

  • Blogs designed to stand out, build trust and provide value

  • Social posts that are digestible & inspire engagement

  • Emails and newsletters that are worth opening 

  • Content that is clear, inspiring and generates emotion

  • Scripting that gets to the point and provides value

  • On-air talent who communicate with relatability 

  • Content that humanizes a brand

  • Episode format that inspires a listener to subscribe

  • On-air talent that connects with an audience

  • Content that showcases expertise & humanizes brand

A woman decides between emotional and rational thinking

Consumers are not going to stop wanting to be treated like human beings.

 Companies that successfully connect to their audiences, are turning them into followers, customers and advocates.

Will you be one of those companies?

Scott Murray

I bring a unique set of of tools to help you craft messaging and content that resonates with your most important audiences.

20+ Years in Marketing

20+ Years of Content Experience

12+ Industries and Audiences

Two Communication-Focused Degrees

Whether you're a new or established business, profit or non-profit, marketing team or limited team - I'm here to help.

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