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SaaS Company Injects Fun into Common Industry Topic

A startup B2B SaaS company wanted to boost its video content by creating some animated videos. One particular concept exceeded expectations - a humorous, scripted video about speech analytics in a contact center.

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The Concept

A B2B SaaS startup wanted to expand its content into video and needed some unique and engaging ways to discuss its solutions.

Speech analytics is a common component of contact center solutions, making creating new content around the topic challenging.

So, I led the development and production of an animated skit that explained their specific solution in an engaging way.

The Results

Featuring an announcer, contact center manager and a group of characters ranging from "Angry Larry" to a soothing Morgan Freeman-sounding call agent, the humorous video racked up over 5,500 views and 11 likes.

It also gave the company a unique video to share on social media and sales emails.

All that was needed was a script, voice actors from Fiverr and an affordable animated software.

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