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Speaking with Your Audience

Whether it's for a conference, business visit, class or podcast, You can expect a conversational, insightful and entertaining presentation.

Informative and Entertaining

I approach speaking in the same way I approach creating content - by focusing on the audience, creativity, communication, and value (including time, takeaways, and engagement).


I also enjoy incorporating humor and pop culture references into it all when appropriate. I always tailor my presentations to suit the specific audience.

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Helpful Frameworks

Structures, processes, context, and structures

Helpful Insights

Research, statistics, thought leadership, trends

Creative Elements

Questions, stories, pop culture references.

Memorable Takeaways

Impactful advice, digestible ideas, things to remember

Topics Include...

Content improvement frameworks, consumer behavior trends, what pop culture can teach us about marketing, creating an engaging podcast, how to book and interview big name podcast guests, developing an on-air presence, and more.

Talking with Your Podcast Audience

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Want to talk on your podcast?

I also take an audience and value-focused approach to all podcast conversations. Let me know if you'd like to have me join you and your audience.

What Podcast Hosts Say

Let's talk!

If you're interested in me speaking to your event, company, or audience, just fill out the form!

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