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Make Your Words Mean Something

Through Audience-Focused Communication in Marketing, Media and Speech.

Consumers are challenging today's businesses in significant ways. Their desire for empathy, humanization and connection disrupts and complicates traditional content marketing strategies.

As a result, marketing strategies, 
automation and content creation aren't enough.

You have to empower your content to
communicate and resonate with consumers.

My name is Scott Murray. I'm a Communication Craftsman, and I'm here to help.

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Content Cannot Build Connections Without Humanized Communication


 Your consumers are gatekeepers who:

  • Judge your content based on messaging

  • Respond negatively to one-way communications 

  • Respond positively to empathy, humanity and value 

Content marketing has to evolve and focus on:

  • Building connections through humanized Messaging

  • Proving intent to provide consumer value

  • Sparking reactions that benefit the business

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New Media Empowers Humanized Connection

  • Video creates clear and meaningful communication

  • Podcasting includes consumers in conversations

  • Social media keeps in touch with audiences

We Can Build or Renovate Content with
Messaging that Resonates with Audiences

Whether you need a one-hour conversation to boost ideas or a more comprehensive plan, you have options!

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"With his impressive experience and educational background, Scott is uniquely positioned to guide a company to next-level marketing and communications strategy.
I am excited to learn from him as he carves new paths forward for companies seeking something more from their marketing!"

Mark Schaefer

Marketing Strategist, Keynote Speaker, University Educator, & Bestselling Author of Marketing Rebellion & Belonging to the Brand

Mark S 2.jpg
He tackles technical subject matter head on and turns it into brilliant, easy-to-digest stories and copy, while still capturing the technical elements that resonate with a deeply knowledgeable audience.

Kathleen A.

VP, Marketing

 I highly recommend Mr. Murray for any creative campaign, be it blogging, creative writing, video scripting and production, PPC campaigns, voice-over work or other creative endeavors.

Melissa H.


Scott has a great sense of his market and an ability to formulate creative strategies in order to reach his audience. His empathy for the consumer helps strengthen the relationship between themselves and the product.

Eric V.

Lead Experience Designer

How has marketing changed?

Consumers want to feel like you have their best interests at heart, and companies have to adapt.

The Get the Message Podcast
Conversations with experts, thought leaders and other professionals designed to spark ideas, motivations, takeaways and roadmaps for marketers, content creators and business leaders.

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