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Forge Stronger Connections Through Strategic Communication

Enhance your organization's voice to resonate with employees, customers and consumers.

Hello, I'm Scott Murray.

Organizations often struggle to effectively connect their internal teams with their external audiences, leading to misaligned messaging and missed opportunities. With over 20 years of experience in strategic communication, I specialize in bridging these gaps.

I help businesses optimize their communication strategies from the internal dialogue to external content with expertise spanning executive communication coaching, media training, and content strategy development.

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"With his impressive experience and educational background, Scott is uniquely positioned to guide a company to next-level marketing and communications strategy. "

Mark Schaefer
Global Marketing Strategist, Speaker & Best-Selling Author

How I Help:
Communication in Action

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Elevating Executive Presence in Media

Empowering leaders and company representatives to create an engaging on-air presence for podcasts, videos, radio, and TV through personalized coaching and strategic scripting.

Bridging Internal & External Communication

Guiding executives in authentic social media communications while helping marketing teams humanize content to align with internal values and external audience needs.

Strengthening Organizational Culture Through Strategic Communication

Developing targeted internal communications that boost morale, reduce conflict, enhance collaboration, and spark creativity, creating a cohesive organizational voice.


Strategic and Creative Collaborations

"Scott's a natural strategic thinker who can visualize all aspects of a project from conception to completion. He makes every member of a team feel valued; and working with him ensures a positive experience for everyone involved."

Mary Anne Alhadeff
Former CEO of North Texas Public Broadcasting

Areas of Expertise

A Relentless Focus on Communication and Audience

Executive Communication

  • Crafting authentic social media content and messaging for leaders

  • Ghostwriting blogs and emails in executive voices

  • Coaching on-air presence for podcasts, videos, radio, and TV

 Message Optimization

  • Refining fundraising messages for non-profits

  • Simplifying technical copy for broader audience engagement

  • Developing audience-focused content strategies for brand differentiation

Internal Communications

  • Improving team and leadership email communication

  • Optimizing tone and word choice for positive impact

Content Creation & Scripting

  • Crafting authentic social media content and messaging for leaders

  • Ghostwriting blogs and emails in executive voices

  • Coaching on-air presence for podcasts, videos, radio, and TV

Cross-Channel Strategy

  • Integrating messaging across social media, blogs, emails, and websites

  • Aligning internal and external communication for consistency

Analysis and Improvement

  • Leveraging academic expertise in professional communication

  • Applying principles from advertising, PR, and leadership to enhance messaging

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"From a content, creative and directional point of view, Scott is a true professional and enjoyable to work with. I highly recommend Scott to anyone that is looking to create a new podcast or enhance an existing one."

J. Drew Bycoskie, MBA
Mortgage & Sales Professional

Creating More Than Just Another Podcast

Creating Comfort on Camera and on Mic

Dallas Jones - Client.png
"Working with Scott as my media and TV hosting coach has been an absolute game-changer for me. One of the most valuable aspects of working with Scott was his ability to create a comfortable and encouraging environment. This environment allowed me to experiment with different styles and techniques, ultimately helping me find my unique voice as a presenter. His dedication to helping me achieve my goals was evident in every session, as he provided me with the tools and guidance necessary to succeed."

Dallas Jones
IT Consultant

An Impactful Shift in Our Educational Content

Bohao Z.png

"Scott Murray's content strategy shifted our focus from simply optimizing for search engines to creating content that truly speaks to our target demographic. His collaborative and resourceful nature helped us resonate with our audience on a whole new level, translating web traffic into lead generation and revenue growth."

Bohao Zhao
Senior Manager, Demand Generation

Tech and SaaS


Education & Training


Industries I've Worked With Include:

Featured Resources

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Bestselling author Mark Schaefer gathered some of his smartest friends to collaborate on a comprehensive marketing insight book. I wrote the chapter on how consumer behaviors are changing marketing. 

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I write a bi-weekly newsletter on LinkedIn focusing on the humanized communication elements of content creation.

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I write blogs on this site focusing on communicating and connecting with audiences through content, culture and creativity.

The Podcast

The Content Brief is a unique content marketing podcast that takes the most insightful and impactful parts of a guest interview and weaves them together with voiceover, music and sound effects.

Let's talk!

In the spirit of breaking out of the expected, let's have a pressure-free conversation about your needs.

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