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Master the Communications that Transform Your Content

Learn how strategic communication empowers your content to stand out and make meaningful connections in a crowded digital landscape.

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"With his impressive experience and educational background, Scott is uniquely positioned to guide a company to next-level marketing and communications strategy. "

Mark Schaefer
Global Marketing Strategist, Speaker & Best-Selling Author

Helping SMBs Connect and Compete Through Content  

In a time when content strategy appears increasingly complex and solutions seem more expensive, small-to-medium-sized businesses can leverage a critical yet often overlooked element of modern content - effective communication.

Communication is the Modern Content Differentiator

Struggling to create engaging content that truly resonates with your audience?


You can transform your content using the principles of strategic communication and ensure your message not only stands out - but resonates

I can explain it all in 80 seconds.

Examples of Industries That Benefit 
From Communication-Focused Content

An Impactful Shift in Our Content 

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"Scott Murray's content strategy shifted our focus from simply optimizing for search engines to creating content that truly speaks to our target demographic. His collaborative and resourceful nature helped us resonate with our audience on a whole new level, translating web traffic into lead generation and revenue growth."

Bohao Zhao
Senior Manager, Demand Generation

How Does Communication Fit Into a Content Strategy?

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You may not hear much about "communication in content," but it's at the center of everything you hear about in modern content the value of humanization, authenticity, and empathy.

Even if content communication isn't an official part of your strategy, your content is conveying a message to your audience right now.

  • What's the first impression it makes?

  • Does it lower their skepticism or amplify it?

  • Does it break their social media scrolling gaze?

  • Does it generate positive emotion?

  • Does it feel different to them?


The impact of these answers is directly connected to the communication conveyed through content.

Optimizing Communication Solves Several of the Content Marketing Challenges for SMBs

With a focus on communication in your content development, you simultaneously address many of the common issues SMBs have with content marketing.


Standing Out From Others


Content Engagement


Brand Identity and Voice

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Subscriber Growth


Audience Response


Humanized AI Content 

What Makes A Communication-Focused Content Strategy Uniquely Different?

A communication-focused content strategy puts your most important people at the center of the entire process, including you, your consumers and your customers. Additionally, it frees your content marketing strategy from the constraints caused by outdated approaches.

Three key components of a communication-focused content strategy include:

Human Behaviors

Habituations, experiences, trends, interpretations

Communication Crafting

Word choice, tone, clarity, first impressions 

Innovative Frameworks

Out-of-the box, getting attention, generating curiosity

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The STAMP Framework

The five components of this humanized content strategy framework cover all aspects of communicator, content, message and audience.

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Connecting the Audience to the Product

"Scott has a great sense of his market and an ability to formulate creative strategies in order to reach his audience. His empathy for the consumer helps strengthen the relationship between themselves and the product."

Eric Vincent
Lead Designer

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Master Communication-Powered Content

Here are some of the ways I can help you today.

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Content Strategy and Messaging Audits

From a simple "quick fix" to a comprehensive content audit and overhaul, you have options available to fit the needs of your business and audience. 

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On-Air Coaching and New Media Development

On-mic or on-camera coaching focused on your unique style. This can also include developing an engaging format that differentiates you within your industry.


Speaking with Your Audiences

Sharing insights that inspire impactful change through effective communication in content via podcast interviews, virtual  sessions, events and more.

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Making Our Social Media Sound Human

"Scott took the general, value prop heavy (social media) copy I created and made it compelling, informative, and relatable. No wonder he does this for a living."

Shelby Roehre
Marketing Manager

Let's talk!

In the spirit of breaking out of the expected, let's have a pressure-free conversation about your needs.

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