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"With his impressive experience and educational background, Scott is uniquely positioned to guide a company to next-level marketing and communications strategy. "

Mark Schaefer
Global Marketing Strategist, Speaker & Best-Selling Author

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Develop content strategies to stand out and resonate in crowded spaces filled with repetitive & AI-generated content.

Create Human Connections in a Digital Marketing World

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Content Innovation Doesn't Come From AI or Technology

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While AI and other tools make it easier to create content, the demand for brand humanity has not decreased. 


If anything AI should be helping you do more to make meaningful connections with your audience in ways that differentiate you from your competitors.

AI doesn't snap people out of scrolling gazes and lower their skeptical defenses. It doesn't communicate in ways that generate emotional responses or build relationships.


Real content innovation requires humanization and communication. Once businesses learn how to implement these, they can be game-changers.

As a content innovator, I specialize in
implementing these content upgrades.

An Impactful Shift in Our Content Strategy

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"Scott Murray's content strategy shifted our focus from simply optimizing for search engines to creating content that truly speaks to our target demographic. His collaborative and resourceful nature helped us resonate with our audience on a whole new level, translating web traffic into lead generation and revenue growth."

Bohao Zhao
Senior Manager, Demand Generation

How I Can Help You Today

I will personally work with you on conceptually evolving or developing your content to stand out and connect with your audiences. We can cover questions, ideas, improvements, content-specific concepts, and more. You’ll be surprised at how much ground can be covered in a focused amount of time.

If your specific challenges require a more multi-level approach,  customized packages can include personal or team sessions, content or messaging audits, strategic plan development and more.

Content Coaching

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Podcast/Visual Media Coaching

DALL·E 2024-03-06 19.06.56 - Create a realistic 600x600 image that showcases a typical wor

Speaking & Sharing

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Humanized Our
Social Media

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"Scott took the general, value prop heavy (social media) copy I created and made it compelling, informative, and relatable. No wonder he does this for a living."

Shelby Roehre
Marketing Manager

In Touch
with Audiences

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Mary Anne Alhadeff
Former CEO & University 

"Scott Murray is a consummate professional who epitomizes intelligence, creativity and customer service.  He is a natural strategic thinker who can visualize all aspects of a project from conception to completion. He makes every member of a team feel valued, and working with him ensures a positive experience for everyone involved.”

Positive Collaborative 


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"Scott has a great sense of his market and an ability to formulate creative strategies in order to reach his audience. His empathy for the consumer helps strengthen the relationship between themselves and the product."

Eric Vincent
Lead Designer

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In the spirit of breaking out of the expected, let's have a conversation (not a "consultation") about your needs.

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