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Evolving Content From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Elevate your content marketing using the power of communication, consumer insight and modern strategy.

"Scott is uniquely positioned to guide a company to next-level marketing and communications strategy."

Mark Schaefer, Marketing strategist, keynote speaker, university educator, futurist, and bestselling author of Marketing Rebellion and Belonging to the Brand.

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Content Challenges Leave Marketers Feeling Helpless 

Businesses struggle to stand out in crowded, competitive spaces filled with AI-generated, repetitive, generic and ordinary content.

It can be challenging to decide where to start, what to improve, and how to stand out in impactful ways.

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Let's EVOLVE Your Content Into Something Extraordinary 

While so many other businesses stick with the same old ordinary stuff, you can infuse your content with the power to:

Break Barriers that minimize business impact and block consumer connections.

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Fuel Creativity by removing constraints of old marketing ideas and habituations to create differentiation.

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Unlock Humanization using consumer insight and behavioral science to help generate lasting impressions.

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Upgrade Messaging by picking the right words and messages to create consistent internal and external success.

Evolving Copy from Complex to Consumable
“He tackles technical subject matter head on and turns it into brilliant, easy-to-digest stories and copy, while still capturing the technical elements that resonate with a deeply knowledgeable audience."

Kathleen Atkins
Vice President, Marketing

I'll help your content evolve into something extraordinary!

In 20+ years in content marketing, I've helped a variety of businesses, voices and industries create and evolve content.


Along the way, I've built an extensive education in communication that powers modern content strategies.

It's a unique combination of expertise that perfectly aligns with modern trends and consumer demands.

Ways I can help you:

Impactful Collaborations

Want to humanize your social media? Launch a podcast that stands out on day one? Brainstorm ideas for video content? Improve blog strategy? These are some ways we can begin to create or evolve content in game-changing ways.

Impactful Presentations

Want me to speak on consumer behaviors,  differentiation ideas, humanized messaging or other evolved content strategies? I'm happy to talk at an event or with a class or business.

Impactful Podcasts

Would you like me to be a guest on your marketing, business or content podcast? Let me know how I can bring value to you and your audience.

Creative Strategies That Connect With Consumers
“Scott has a great sense of his market and an ability to formulate creative strategies in order to reach his audience. His empathy for the consumer helps strengthen the relationship between themselves and the product. ."
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Eric Vincent
Lead Experience Designer

The Marketing Superpower Hour

It's possible for a marketing podcast to be informative and entertaining, and The Marketing Superpower Hour features multiple insights from extraordinary marketers into each episode.

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An Amazing Marketing Book

This book, led by Mark Schaefer, features 36 chapters, 36 authors and over 350 takeaways on all things marketing. I wrote Chapter 4 on how consumer behavior is changing today's marketing era, including:

  • How being nice to competitors can improve sales

  • Why consumers follow brands on social media

  • How to avoid fears about people who will never buy

  • How to avoid words that social media users and platforms hate 

The keys to evolving your content are rooted in communication and connection. 


It also embodies my approach to working with you.

Unlike consultations that delay value until contracts are inked, our collaboration begins with our very first conversation.


Let's transform your content marketing together.

After all, a conversation is much more meaningful than a consultation.

Thanks for submitting!

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