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"Scott is uniquely positioned to guide a company to next-level marketing and communications strategy."

Mark Schaefer, Marketing Strategist, Futurist & Bestselling Author 

Content and Communication Specialist

Where Content Marketing Meets Human Connection

Today's Content Needs Humanized Communicaitons

In this short introduction video, I share ​what's happening and how I help businesses like yours.

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Helping Companies Create  and Improve Marketing Strategies and Content. 

15+ Industries

Including Startups, Global Companies and Non-Profit Organizations.


Web, Email, Social Media, Blogs, Videos, Podcasts and more.


Combining Humanized Communication with Content 

Innovative Strategies That Connect with Audiences
“Scott has a great sense of his market and an ability to formulate creative strategies in order to reach his audience. His empathy for the consumer helps strengthen the relationship between themselves and the product."
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Eric Vincent
Lead Experience Designer

Modern Content Marketing is Human

Content marketing is constantly evolving, and while technology can help expedite content creation and distribution, consumers are changing the way they respond to content. That’s why today’s B2B and B2C businesses must evolve the way they convey messages to their audiences. Content must speak to them, generate emotion, and inspire the right responses.

Humanized Communication Empowers Content to 

Stand out.png

Create Contrast: Stand out in crowded digital spaces filled with repetitive and dull content.


Inspire Curiosity:  Break cynicism barriers and inspire your audience to learn more. 


Build Connection by proving to your audience that you understand them and know them.

Evolving Content for Improved Engagement and Connection
"I'm such a fan of Scott Murray.  He's hands down a tremendous content producer. He tackles technical subject matter head on and turns it into brilliant, easy-to-digest stories and copy, while still capturing the technical elements that resonate with a deeply knowledgeable audience."
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Kathleen Atkins
Vice President, Marketing

I'll Help You Evolve Content to Better Connect with Your Audiences 

Are you a small business looking to stand out in your industry?


Are you an established business that needs to improve the way your content resonates and connects?

Are you looking to expand your content and need your messaging to generate ideal reactions?


We should talk. I'd love to learn more about you.

Ways I can help you:

Impactful Collaborations

Want to humanize your social media? Launch a podcast that stands out on day one? Brainstorm ideas for video content? Improve blog strategy? These are some ways we can begin to create or evolve content in game-changing ways.

Impactful Presentations

Want me to speak on consumer behaviors,  differentiation ideas, humanized messaging or other evolved content strategies? I'm happy to talk at an event or with a class or business.

Impactful Podcasts

Would you like me to be a guest on your marketing, business or content podcast? Let me know how I can bring value to you and your audience.

Featured Resources

The keys to evolving your content are rooted in communication and connection. 


It also embodies my approach to working with you.

Unlike consultations that delay value until contracts are inked, our collaboration begins with our very first conversation.


Let's transform your content marketing together.

After all, a conversation is much more meaningful than a consultation.

Thanks for submitting!

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