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Create a Stand-Out Show

Develop and produce an engaging show that stands out in your industry, humanizes your brand and builds authority with loyal listeners.

The Podcast Advantages For Business are Clear


of business owners listen to podcasts daily. 

Lower Street, ContentFX


are an opportunity demographic for podcasts. 

Edison Research, NPR


of millennials (24-42) listen to podcasts every week.

Edison Research


of listeners are more likely to consider brands they hear on podcasts.

Edison Research

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On-Air Style

Listener Connection

Ideal Topic

Show Format

Make it Better

Than "Just Another Podcast"

A growing number of people are creating and sharing podcasts. Despite the increased competition, there is still demand for better, unique and different.

That's what we'll create using a focus on four key areas.

"From a content, creative and directional point of view, Scott is a true professional and enjoyable to work with. I highly recommend Scott to anyone that is looking to create a new podcast or enhance an existing one."
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J. Drew Bycoskie, MBA
Mortgage & Sales Professional


years working as a podcast host, producer, editor and consultant


years of on-air experience, including live television and radio


podcast interviews with celebrities, authors, thought leaders and more.

The Power of Creativity & Communication

My audio production work began in 2007 at the Dallas/Fort Worth NPR affiliate and evolved into podcasting in 2011. For the next 13 years, podcasting became a big part of my work as a host, producer and consultant.

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Podcasting Highlights


First show and
Interview success

Despite being a newbie, I quickly developed a solid reputation with publicists, agents and managers as a prepared, high-quality interviewer and producer. I had the opportunity to talk with several TV & film actors.


Creativity and


I launched a unique pop culture show that grew its audience by 7x in a year. I later evolved it into a network, hosting and producing several shows. One podcast grew a loyal listenership of 3,000+. Another creative show caught the attention of the Agent Carter writers and Hayley Atwell. She was a guest on the show later that year.


Business and 


After helping colleagues launch and improve successful shows, I started incorporating podcast services into my offerings. I've been working with solopreneurs and businesses on podcasting ever since.

Podcast Coaching Services

Content spaces are crowded today, and podcasting is no different. Consumers have heard enough of the good, bad and ugly to make quick judgements on whether a show is worthy of their time. So, once again, the keys are creativity and communication.  Here are the ways I can help you.

Services include helping you create or improve podcasts. Hours are average estimates based on client experience at a rate of $300/hour. Packages are ideal for those who are new and want to build a podcast from the ground up.

Want to Start Now or Have Questions?

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Dan Zehr
Host, Brand Director

Scott Murray is one of the most professional, polished, and informed members of the podcasting world that I have had the pleasure of working with. His organization and planning are top-notch, as is his knowledge of media, both behind-the-scenes, as well as on the microphone and on camera. He would be an asset to any company!


Daniel Manu
Communications Manager

I had the pleasure of speaking with Scott on his podcasts during my time at Television Without Pity. Scott was a pleasure to work with behind the scenes, and a deft, articulate and extremely well-informed host to speak with on the air. Always enjoyed my time talking with him, and appreciated the opportunity to appear on his shows.


Clint Mally
Director of Marketing

Scott is such a great resource for any business that needs a smart and clear marketing strategy. He is super knowledgable about all things content marketing, but really shines when it comes to developing content that builds a following.

Let's talk!

In the spirit of breaking out of the expected, let's have a conversation (not a "consultation") about your needs.

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