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Master the Camera, Tell Your Story

Develop your on-camera skills and bring your creative video ideas to life with professional guidance

Unlocking The Power to Inform and Entertain

Recent research shows marketers reporting that video content has improved everything from brand awareness and web traffic to sales and lead generation.

Additionally, video enables you to reach more people and humanize your brand in ways that copy can't replicate.

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Need Confidence or Creativity in Your Business Videos?

Whether it's helping you to enhance your on-camera presence for social media and video podcasts, or consulting on creative dialogue-driven story concepts and innovative explainer videos, my expertise is at your service.

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Proven On-Air and Video Experience

Whether it's guiding you to enhance your on-camera presence for social media and video podcasts, or consulting on creative dialogue-driven story concepts and innovative explainer videos, my expertise is at your service.​​

​My diverse background spans live TV production, script writing, and directing for various formats, including work with on-air talent and well-known actors.


This wealth of expertise empowers me to help companies create standout video content that truly connects with their audience.


years of video experience  as a writer, director and editor.


years of live and pre-recorded on-camera experience.


years of on-camera coaching with beginners, actors, and pros.

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Dallas Jones

"Working with Scott as my media and TV hosting coach has been an absolute game-changer for me. One of the most valuable aspects of working with Scott was his ability to create a comfortable and encouraging environment. This environment allowed me to experiment with different styles and techniques, ultimately helping me find my unique voice as a presenter. His dedication to helping me achieve my goals was evident in every session, as he provided me with the tools and guidance necessary to succeed."

Ways I Can Help You Make
Connections Through Video


Master Your On-Camera Presence

Develop a natural, confident on-screen persona that engages your audience. Coaching sessions focus on vocal techniques and authentic delivery to help you engage and connect with your audience.


Craft Compelling
Video Scripts

Transform your ideas into  scripts that captivate viewers. With a collaborative review and guidance process, you ensure your message is clear, engaging, and aligned with your brand voice.


Elevate Your Video Strategy

From concept to distribution, get comprehensive guidance on creating impactful video content. I'll help you develop a strategy that aligns with your goals, resonates with your audience, and maximizes your video's potential.

Need Something More Customized?

Video offers so many ways to be creative and create connection. Your video needs may be limited or span multiple service areas. So, whether you're looking to enhance a specific skill or develop a comprehensive video project, I offer customized packages to fit the scope of your video content.

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Case Study:
Promoting the CEO

Discover how a pop-culture-themed video helped a SaaS startup CEO promote his speech at a tech conference.

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Case Study:
Making SaaS Engaging

Find out how a startup B2B SaaS company turned a common solution into an engaging video story.

Want to Start Now or Have Questions?

Common Questions Answered

Q: Do I need to have experience being on camera to benefit from your on-air coaching services?
A: Absolutely not.

Q: What aspects of video production do your consulting services cover, and what areas are not included?
I cover concept development, storyboarding, script development, messaging optimization, on-camera presence coaching, and distribution strategy. I do not handle editing, technical equipment, or production work.

Q: How do you help clients who are nervous about being on camera or presenting their ideas through video?
Most clients have more natural on-camera talent than they realize. It's best to focus fine-tuning your personality and expertise in a way that will connect and resonate with your audience.

Q: Can you help with creating video content for social media platforms?
Yes, including the copy that is written with the video posts.

Q: How do you help clients develop a unique video style that stands out in their industry?
I look at what already exists and what still needs to be addressed. We'll find ways for you to be different and stand out in the crowd of content, focusing on clear ways to humanize your band and make better connections than the competition.

Q: Is there a minimum commitment or contract length for your video consulting services?

Let's talk!

In the spirit of breaking out of the expected, let's have a pressure-free conversation about your needs.

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